Secure development with Drupal 7- part 2

In Part 1 I discussed Cross Site Scripting attacks and how to prevent and avoid it while coding, In this part I will talk about SQL Injection attacks and how to prevent it by using Drupal API functions

SQL Injection Attacks

While Drupal is a secure CMS, We don't have to use another functions to avoid such expoits we just need to follow the Drupal way in development, That's why i'm going to focus on the bad and good behaviors of development.

Arabic version of Drupalst coming soon

One of the most important goals of Drupalst is to support Drupal in Egypt and all other Arabian countries,That's why we are going to build another version of Drupalst in Arabic, We are going to support Arabians with Right to Left Themes, Modules, Free Tutorials and Enterprise services, It's very important for us to see the number of Arabian Drupallers grows and that's what we are working on.

Secure development with Drupal 7- part 1

Drupal is one of the most secure CMS because its support its developers with the appropriate API functions that keep drupal applications secure from sql injection and Cross site scripting attacks . In this tutorial i will discuss the most important API functions , bad and good development behaviors that affects your applications security.

Let's Support Drupal in Egypt !!

According to the discussion and FooZee Initiative in Egypt Group its time to find a way to support Drupal in Egypt, Regardless of your drupal skills, there is always a way to help us in supporting drupal in Egypt.
The only question which needs to be answered now is:

How we can support Drupal in Egypt ?

Waiting your opinions, comments and contributions be positive and join us :) .

Get Drush working on Godaddy shared hosting plane

Drush is very important tool for drupal Developers, Its managed from Shell so a lot of people failed in getting it work at shared hosts like godaddy, I will explain briefly how to install Drush on godaddy shared hosting plane.

1- Open your Linux Terminal and create SSH Connection to you account


and Enter your password.

2- Go to your main directory

How to create Machine name field in drupal 7

In this tutorial we will use Drupal 7 Form Api to create Machine name Field which is not well Documented in . To create Machine name field we need another Field which is the Parent/Source field, Source field contain the Human Readable Text that will be converted Automatically by Using "misc/machine-name.js" to machine Friendly name. End users Usually working Directly with Source Field. Lets Create Form like what we get when we Add vocabulary from Structure > taxonomy > Add vocabulary.

Add overlay View to any page or path

Drupal come with a great Overlay Module which make you able to display your pages in overlay view,I wonder when i see a lot of drupal developers uses another Jquery libraries such as Fancybox, Lightbox, ShadowBox...etc, Anyway overlay View is usually limited for administration pages, So in order to make our visitors access our pages in overlay view we should tell drupal "Hey Drupal !! This page is for administrators"  ;-) (okkk i know we lie !!) :-#

Add menu block in administrator configuration page

Although Drupal has a great API, But i see that its not well Documents, Anyway a few people have asked me about how they can create a block in administrator configuration page "admin/config", its easy but not well documented, I will do this by using HOOK_MENU, lets see:

Improving drupal performance

Drupal is a High performance Content Management System, But there is a different reasons that may decrease the performance of your web applications, And there is a different steps that should be taken into account when developing your great application with Drupal .

A low speed web application may be due to different reasons :

6 Important Tools For Drupal Development

Drupal is not Only a Perfect Content Managment System (CMS), But its a Great Content Management Framework (CMF) . A Lot of Developers around the world Contribute Drupal. Drupal has more than 9000 Modules !!! .In this topics i will discuss The most important 6 modules and tools for Drupal Development, Lets Goo!!

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