Training and Consulting

Drupalst assists clients with the analysis, design and evaluation of training programs.We tailor our services and approaches to fit each situation, with the goal of creating Drupal applications that adds value to your organization.

Consultancy services:

Highly customized consulting for individuals or groups is also available. You'll be assisted with setting up your project and working with your data. Or, if you're having difficulties, a consultant will work through the issues with you and get your project back on track. Consulting sessions can be delivered over one or two hours, or several days. Not only that, you can also ask other questions during the consultancy, for example, regarding VPS hosting wordpress, web hosting, etc. Or maybe regarding the open source code, like WordPress, Linux, Apache, and others.

Training services:

Drupal Trainings is started by a group of highly talented Drupal designers and developers. Web technologies is a passion for our team members. You may find many computer institutes who provide training in Drupal technologies, but not all of theme have expertise in drupal technologies, they operate the institute with faculty who teach on commercial basis without any ethusiasm. We provide you out training program with enthusiasm, professionalism and high level of technical knowledge.